#Fantasy and #Mechas

baddas Mechas by reza Il yasa
mecha by reza Il yasa
One of the most important differences of  the novel Araknea about which you question me, is that i'm using in this medieval - fantasy universe, "Mechas". What are these big machines ? How do they operate ? Where do they come from? Are they even conscious?

If we make simple, even simplistic, Mechas are Robots. A little bit rudimentary. A mixture of metal with bone or ivory. Variable-sized as you were able to notice it in the novel. ORUS could make about fifteen meters while FHENRIR, the frissian's mecha, makes doubtless cheerfully more double. And I don't want to spoil the Volume 1 thus I shall not say it more.

For the rest, difficult to answer these questions without spoiler a large part of the Volume 2 under construction. But as regards the energy, it is clearly the power of crystals. If I take the example of the "steampunk" where machines work in the vapor, I can say that in ARAKNEA, machines are " crystalpunk ". But with a darker dimension. The crystal has  a little bit negative, widely dangerous connotation. Imagine a mixture of mercury and uranium and you will have a small idea of in which work these "machines". But are they really just machine ? For ORUS, the Mecha of ISIS, many of you already considers it ( or him ) as a full character and blame me for not insisting on its "human" dimension. You want to know more about it. Please be patient.

You can also enjoy some Mechas pics on my  Pinterest ! And read for free the chapter 01 - still on progress - of the novel on wattpad ( feel free to share it )


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