#AmazonBasket #AmazonCart is useless

#AmazonBasket... is useless :(
I get a new email from #amazonassociates this morning. It's about the new tools to promote links and get full of money ( ^^ ) . Now, I can earn up to 10% in advertising fees if a customer clicks on a link or banner on my web page ( like http://goo.gl/TTwJfq ) and makes a Qualifying Purchase on Amazon.co.uk. It’s that simple. #AmazonBasket makes it easy for my followers to shop directly from Twitter. As Amazon explain : 

When you tweet an Amazon.co.uk ( and Amazon.com too ) product link with your Associate ID, Twitter users who have connected their accounts to Amazon can add the item directly to their Amazon.co.uk Shopping Basket by replying to your tweet with #AmazonBasket. Any purchase that occurs as a result of the #AmazonBasket feature will be attributed to your Associate ID, allowing you to earn advertising fees.. In fact, 

Three things have to occur for #AmazonBasket ( #AmazonCart) to work:
  • Your visitor has to have his or her Twitter account connected to Amazon, so Amazon can add the product to the correct Amazon customer’s Amazon.co.uk  ( or Amazon.com ) Shopping Basket
  • Your visitor has to reply to a tweet that contains the URL of an Amazon.co.uk product
  • Your visitor has to add #AmazonBasket in the reply tweet. Note that #AmazonBasket will work on Twitter only, not Facebook or other social networks

Ouch... it's quite complicate. And as i don't even have 500 followers, this tools is completely useless for me. As a french, it's also more useless as it works only in UK and USA. 

I have to admit that this tools is amazing for some major VIP, like @KattyPerry tweeting to her 50 000 000 followers and ask to reply #AmazonCart... 


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