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"An engrossing sci-fi fantasy with captivating characters." By Eishinason May 13, 2016
Author Jean Kaczmarek takes his readers on a sci-fi plot of book 1 in 'Araknea' series to unravel the adventure of two warriors from the Kingdom of Ardion- Scorpios Lord and Alkyor who will fight against the son of Friss, Feros after a valuable crystal 'The Enshrine of Fire' is stolen from Adrion. 'Araknea' is a thoroughly an entertaining read with flawless and fast paced narration, intriguing suspense and mystery packed with palpable trepidation oozing out from every chapter as the fiction unfolds bringing in two more interesting characters- the bold and the beautiful sorceress Isis and her mentor into the scene. Mesmerizing insight into the unique world created by author's imagination with vivid descriptions of the surrounding characters find themselves in, is capable of gripping readers to the story till the very end providing emotional satisfaction and curios…

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