ARAKNEA #BookReview #4stars ( some #spoilers )

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" Epic fantasy and science-fiction in one, Araknea portrays a versicolor world full of violence and lust for power. In the narrative story, a young woman, princess and sorceress named Isis accepts an impossible quest at the end of her apprentice years and together with her Mentor gets on the road. The fight against the Son of Friss, Feros, leads her to banished land of icy Northern territories, where she searches for a son of important merchant family of Homants. At the same time, together with two warriors of Ardion, the father – Scorpios lord – and the son, Alkyor, they try to win back two valuable crystals – the Jewel of Friss and the Shrine of Adrion.

Author in his complex fantasies presents a complex world, splendid environment that recalls a RPG background story. He describes picturesque landscapes, places, armors, powers, etc. The story is fast-pacing and uses rich and diverse vocabulary.

On the other side, from my point of view, the story contains too many detailed violent scenes. Although I value the fair presentation of war horrors, I found it slightly exaggerated. Text orientation caused me some problems, too. There are several time jumps that a reader might find difficult to notice and may feel disoriented for several pages, until he realizes that the plot moved several months / years forward.

Direct entrance into the complex world lacks more explanation. For me it took nearly a third of the book to stop being confused with names, titles, places and get familiar with it. From that point on, it only improved.

I also suffered from the fact that also I liked the story itself and it was clear from the beginning who is a hero and who is a villain, I did not feel any strong emotions and wasn’t able to make a connection with any character (or pick a favorite one).

To sum up, I would rate the book by 70%, since it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea and for the first time I found it hard to review a book. However, I decided to give it four stars to encourage sci-fi and fantasy fans to read the book, since I believe they may be able to like the book more than I did.

I was provided with a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review."

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So chuffed to see Araknea on TOP100
What a thrill as an #indieauthor! I'm so proud of it! My #SFF #ebook enters the TOP 100 Paid of with a #37 in Children's Steampunk books. I thank you and look forward to your reviews. Check it on

Dans le #TOP100 !

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Une nouvelle fois, mon roman #steampunk #fantasy entre dans le top100 payant des meilleures ventes d' ^^

Une jolie 77ème place qui se confirme par une 57ème place  dans la section science-fiction sur #kindle. C'est même sa plus belle place ! Ça fait chaud au cœur, et me motive davantage pour vous donner la suite. 

Cette entrée est donc à mettre au profit de la version numérique du roman. Est-ce grâce à l'abonnement Amazon Prime ? Au nombre de pages lues ? Difficile à lire et à tracer.

En tout cas, merci à ceux qui m'ont fait la confiance de découvrir les aventures de la princesse Isis.  Et surtout, n'oubliez, chers lecteurs(trices) de me laisser un commentaire sur amazon avec si possible de jolies étoiles.

Allez zou, si vous cherchez l'ebook, c'est ici :
Si vous souhaitez chroniquer - faire une review comme on dit - du roman, contactez-moi sur : jean.baptiste.kaczmarek [at] gmail [.] com